Stinesville Police Department

Chief David Boone


"To Protect with Courage, To Serve with Compassion"

"Semper Vigilans"





Our Officers are dedicated to providing the highest level of police services to the community. It is by our efforts that we seek to improve the community for all who live, visit or work here. Part of our motto is," Semper Vigilans" (always Vigilant) as we value ethical behavior, competency, and a strong work ethic among our Officers and must always be vigilant in these matters. And are firm in our conviction that everyone must receive fair and impartial treatment and service. We pledge, while executing our duties; to protect the rights of all people; and to respect the lives of those we come into contact with while performing our duty.


The men and women of the Stinesville Police Department vow to maintain the highest standards in serving the community and will continually strive to improve our performance and ourselves. We shall diligently seek to improve safety and protect our citizens. We are charged with enforcing laws and regulations, seeking out wrongdoing and pursuing criminals, investigating and prosecuting crimes, enforcing traffic regulations to make our roadways safer and to aid those who are in distress. We seek to develop strong ties to our community as we together, attempt to solve any problems as they occur.


We are proud to serve the Town of Stinesville and the citizens who live and work here.


David W. Boone


Stinesville Police Department

PO Box 6

Stinesville, Indiana 47464